Update history


●Apl. 1, 2014     Koichi Kobayashi will present research resuts at JPGU2014 (2014/4/28-5/2, Pacifico Yokohama). And,We will display an exhibition booth at JPGU2014.

●Apl. 1, 2014     Page of 14C Wiggle-matching was publicized.

●Apl. 1, 2014     80th annual meeting of Japanese archaeological association will be held at Nihon University in 2014.05.17-18. We will demonstrate the method replicating impressions on potteries at the book exchange venue.

May.15, 2013    Paper using the 14C ages that we have measured was published in Science.


●Mar. 30, 2008     Research activities page was publicized.

●Sep. 1, 2007     Analyses of human activities and Research activities page were publicized.

●Feb. 26, 2007     Analysis information page and Company overview page were publicized.

●Jan. 2, 2007     English top page, analysis information page, research activities page and link page were publicized.